Friday, June 21, 2013

Cooper Landing, Alaska Day 50, June 21, 2013

Today we drove from Seward to Cooper Landing, A total of 55 miles. I wanted to try my hand at salmon fishing, and we had been told they were running on the Russian River. When we got to Cooper Landing and asked about campgrounds, the answer I got was “good Luck”.

This picture shows some of the frost heaves. The road was mostly in good condition, but......

 We went to the Russian River Campground, and there was a campground full sign up. It was the same thing at the Copper River campground. We asked about getting in, and were told they were indeed full, and we would have to go through the Reserve USA people to make any reservations, so we found a pull off, and are here for the night.

This is the ferry I had to take over the Russian River to get to the fishing grounds.

I tried fishing, and got a hit the first cast, but the hook must not have been set, so it got away. I tried fishing for about three more hours, without what I could tell were any kind of hits, so I finally gave up. A man just upstream from me was catching trout. I saw several others catching fish, but I don’t know if the problem was where I was, or different hooks, or just why I didn't catch anything, but will try again tomorrow.

Getting my pole ready while waiting for the ferry.

Cindy took these from across the river.

Cindy did manage to get some good pictures, including more flower pictures.

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