Sunday, May 11, 2014

Yard Sales and Quilt Show

Riverton, Utah High 52 Low 36

Yesterday was the large Salt Lake Quilt Show, but on the way there were a couple of yard sales. Cindy found a fold-able calendar for 50 cents. Not bad considering it was still in the plastic wrap.

At the next one she found a nice almost new Cold Water Creek blouse for $3.00.

Then it was off to the Quilt Show. When we got there it wasn't open jet, but they were presenting some soldiers with blankets from Quilts of Valor. It was a nice presentation.

There were a lot of people in line by that time waiting for the opening of the exhibit hall. There were lots of vendors at the show ( 6 rows of them).

We wanted to get some more patterns for the quilt machine from Ann Bright and we found her booth and got some patterns for the Alaska quilt.

There were lots of quilts on display and some of them are very, very labor intensive. One had a note on it that the lady that pieced the quilt said she spent almost 400 hours making the quilt, and while hard, it wasn't even the most intricate.

I have put some samples of some of the quilts on this post, but there were so many,  that I will have to put more on tomorrow.

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