Friday, May 9, 2014

New House

Riverton, Utah High 57 Low 45

When we left home this morning, it was raining hard.

I had found another fabric yard sale that was being held south of us. As soon as we went past Camp Williams the rain quit and it was quite pleasant.

Cindy found some fabrics and a few tools for a good price. She also got 11 quilt patterns. The prices were excellent.

Afterward we went to Orem and visited Cindy's mom.

We then went to see Stephanie and Pat's new house. The framing is done with plywood on the roof. The heating guys were there working on the heating system. They are excited about it finally getting started on. The builder keep telling them it will complete by the middle of June, but he will have to hurry.

They do have some beautiful views of the nearby mountains.

Yes, that is snow on the tops of the two mountains.
At this point, I have to laugh. They say we are a long way from them, but on the freeway they are presently 20 miles away. Where they are moving it is another 30 freeway miles south. They will be almost an hour south of us and 30 minutes south of Orem. Where they are moving is really out in the sticks. There aren't too many people where they are moving, and they thought we were a long ways away.

They are a little ways south of Santaquin, and we had to stop at The Family Tree for hot scones on the way back. The scones are big enough, that 2 of them were enough for 4 of us for lunch.

After all of this we came home and I finished putting the binding on one of Cindy's quilts.

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  1. Thanks mom and da for being as excited as we are!
    Love Steph

  2. Everyone knows da with an h can sometimes be referred to as Dad. Keep him on his toes mom.

  3. Finishing that house by the end of June would take a miracle! Can anyone say the end of August or mid September. The framing is the easy part. Thus far, it looks like it is going to be nice and roomy.