Sunday, May 18, 2014

Yard Sale and Home Building

Riverton, Utah High 75 Low 51

Yesterday, at least for us, was hot. The weather guesser said it made it to 80 degrees.

We went to a few yard sales yesterday, and went to one that kind of a side light said there was fabric. The fabric should have been the high light of the sale! We found out that the lady had work at a fabric store for a while, and it was all nice fabric. There were lots of kits, and Cindy picked up a book that originally sold for $29.00. Cindy was picking out a few pieces of fabric, and got too many to hold, so we found a box. The lady told us we could fill the box for $25.00. At that, Cindy got busy filling the box. After we got home, the price tags on the kits alone added up to over $300.00. The box when we got it full, weighed about 60 pounds. We think Cindy got a good deal. The picture she took only showed part of it. (Yes Sandi, just what we need. More fabric.)

In the afternoon we went to Orem to help our son, John work on his home addition. It looks to me, that what he is adding will probably double the size of his home, and he is adding a large garage to work his Heating and AC business out of.

I helped nail part of the wall with his nail gun, and then he had a lot of friends over to help stand the walls up. They are a little over 17 feet tall, and were kind of heavy. He had to make them in sections, to be able to lift them into place.

After working for a while, I was tired, and almost all the walls were up, so we came home.

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