Thursday, May 22, 2014

Made it to Coalville, but had to come Home

Coalville, Utah High 75 Low 45

We drove to the Camperworld at Coalville, Utah yesterday with no problems. They have cut way back on their services, to stay afloat, they say. There are all new managers, and several volunteers running the park. We were hoping the swimming pools would be open, but they told us that the pool equipment wasn't winterized properly, and when they turned on the water, they had a geyser.
So they weren't able to get the pools open for Memorial Day.

They used to have Friday night bingo and movies on Saturday nights, both of which have been eliminated. This Park has turned into a place to park overnight (or for a few days) without any amenities. We have enjoyed some of the activities at some of the other parks we have stayed in.

We did get a nice site, and Cindy and I both like it. There are lots of trees in bloom and lot of grass.

Yesterday Cindy made up a necklace, and we finished it this morning. It looks quite nice. Pretty fancy for a couple of beginners .

I got a call from Tammy this morning about a noise in the pool pump. I decided to look at it myself, rather than call a plumber. The noise turned out to be nothing to worry about, but I found the expansion tank had a small hole in it, and need to be replaced. It is not a big job, and I am going to get the part and replace the tank. So, I guess the trip wasn't for nothing. I'm glad she said something now and not in two weeks, when we are 500 or a 1000 miles away, instead of only an hour.

We are enjoying being away from home and are looking forward to South Dakota.

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  1. equipment wasn't winterized properly

    Yeah, I know all about that problem! I've been playing plumber myself for quite a bit of the last week or so!

  2. Looks like a nice camp site. Sure was lucky to be so close and solve the problem yourself.