Sunday, May 4, 2014

Swiss Village?

Woodland, Utah High 67 Low 43

Last night was a lot warmer than it has been.

Cindy got a picture of what we believe is a Marmot. It was eating something by the trailer. It got scared and ran off when it saw us watching. The river is a lot higher now that it is warmer, I presume because of the snow melt.

We went into Heber City to check out some yard sales, and did find some bargains.

Cindy wanted to go to the fabric store in Midway, which is about 5 miles west of Heber City. They had some quilts she liked, but wasn't willing to buy the kits.

Midway is a small town that’s only claim to fame is Swiss Days at the end of August, when there are a lot of people visiting. Most of the businesses have a Swiss theme to their construction.   

The origin of the Swiss Days event date back to the late 1940's as the harvest was being completed, local farmers and ranchers got together for a celebration of bountiful harvest.
"Harvest Days" became Swiss Days and presented the opportunity to dress in the traditional clothing unique to the canton or region of Switzerland where their ancestors were born.

Midway Boosters, Inc was organized at a not-for-profit corporation and established a charter and mission statement to provide volunteer resources for the benefit of the community.
As Swiss Days grew into a major event and attracting tens of thousands of visitors to our beautiful high mountain town, various groups donated their time to prepare food and beverage for our guests. Our guests were more than happy to pay for this taste of Swiss cuisine and the Boosters found a little extra money left over after paying all the operating expenses of the two-day event.

The Post Office even has a large mural on the side.

I’m not sure what business has the logging mural on it, but it was still interesting.

 I've been a little under the weather yesterday and today, but hopefully it’s nothing serious.

 Cindy also got some sunset pictures last evening, and they are very pretty.

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