Sunday, October 4, 2015


Albuquerque, New Mexico        High 70 Low 54

We went to the Twilight Twinkle Glow last night. It was so windy that they weren’t sure they were going to hold it. Finally they got the OK to light up the balloons. Some of the participants had already given up, but our pilot lit our balloon up and after about 1 minute deflated it. The wind was still too strong! What a lot of work for such a short time.  
This is from last night. We were afraid something would go wrong, and all at once the balloon deflated. We think he hit his envelope with the flame.

This morning we had the opposite problem, not enough wind. So we sat around for a while, and finally were given the go ahead. The wind was still very gentle to the east. More than once it looked like the balloons would collide, but they seemed to get up without incident. It looked like a lot of balloons in a small area.

Looking straight up into our balloon.

Our official.

I caught Cindy with the other camera.

Today, I begged off from the chase crew so I could look at some of the balloons taking off. It seemed to me that there were a lot more shapes today than yesterday, or did I just miss them yesterday? Cindy says she saw some of them, but wasn’t able to get their picture.

The crew of these two balloons are dressed in Star Wars costumes.
Kermit the Frog. Look at all the people.

This is Smoky the Bear.

We are going to help with this evening’s event. We’ll see how that goes. Right now, it probably is too windy. Also it rained this afternoon.

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  1. How in the world can they get all those balloons in the air with so many of them packed in there. Just incredible.