Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween

Yuma, Arizona        High 90 Low 63

Yesterday the wind blew very hard all day and the dust in the air was awful. Today was warm and clear.

We went to several yard sales this morning and Cindy spent $.25. Yes, a whole quarter. It seems like it is hard to get very enthused when you don't have a lot of room for more stuff.

We got back to the Park in time for one of the many Companies that wash RV's, and we waited, and waited. I finally called them and was told I must have called the wrong Company, because they had nothing written down for us. I explained that I had talked to one of their men yesterday and had made the appointment. The boss told me that they had forgotten to write it down, but he would have someone there as soon as possible.

When they finally got here, they went to work and the fiver looks a lot better. They were able to get all the bugs off that I haven't been able to.

We don't expect any trick or treaters, but wish everyone a Happy Halloween.

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