Monday, October 5, 2015

I Got to Fly

Albuquerque, New Mexico         High 72 Low 52

It rained and we had hail Yesterday afternoon. Because of that the evening glow thing was cancelled. We were all glad. Other than that, the weather had been nice. It has been just cool enough for sleeping.

Today when we got to the field, out launch site had been moved because the spot we were supposed to us was still very wet.

Today was competition day. Several of the balloons launch from at least a mile away and then try to fly to a target in the field. Because of this, all the other balloons have to be in the air by 8:00.

After I found out I was going up.

While we were getting the balloon ready Keith asked me if I wanted to fly today and of course I did. So I had to sign some forms limiting liability and then away we went. It seemed like we were just floating and Keith said the fastest we went was 5 MPH. We went a little way to the north and then turned and went back over the field.

It is really different looking down of some of the other balloons and others at the same height just kind of drifting along with us.

Still lots of people on the launch field.

Looking straight down on Yoda.

Our truck and trailer. The RV belonging to the heavy hauler is the one that got the AC cover broken.

One of the other Boomer couples asked that since a lot of the balloons were landing by our RVs, could he land his by the trailers. There is a parking lot behind where we are parked and at first Keith thought he could land in it, but another balloon beat us. Then he hopped a fence and landed in a large open part of the road. Because of hopping the fence he came in a little faster than he would have liked and our gondola tipped quit badly. I bumped my knee, but there was no real harm to any of us. So we landed about 4 trailers from ours. Talk about service.

Another balloon was trying to land in the large field by us and came in a little low and broke the AC cover on the trailer next door to ours. Fortunately the cover was the only thing hit and it is a relatively easy fix.
Look how close the balloon is to the top of the trailers.

Cindy caught me with a big smile.

It was a lot of fun flying in the balloon and I hope I get to do it again before the week is over.

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