Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Lots of People and More Balloons

Lots of People and More Balloons
Albuquerque, New Mexico        High 72 Low 50

We Got up early again this morning. We went over to the balloon field and our launch site was moved because the first spot was still very wet.

From some of the pictures, you can see how many people are at the Fiesta. Our pilot had enough help today, so I asked to not be part of the chase crew. Cindy and I went to look at some of the vendors and later watched some of the competition.

Still lots of people.

This years Raffle Quilt. Cindy likes the one from 1994 a lot better.
The object is to get or start your balloon at least a mile from the field and then fly over the field and drop a weight on a target on the field. Some of them looked like they got quite close to the target. All the balloons have to be launched by 8:00 and away from the field.
Our balloon going up.

Do you think that maybe he is from Great Britian?

A picture of our photographer, Cindy.

Again today, a lot of the balloons landed in the field by where we are parked. One lady said Darth Vader miser hitting their fifth wheel by inches. When we got back, there were still a lot of balloons landing by us.

We saw some different shaped balloons today that we have not seen before, and what they call the Special Shape Rodeo is on Thursday and we have been told that there will be about 100 different shapes go up that day and Friday. It should be interesting.

Tony, one of the RVers with us got to go up today.
We thought this little boy was cute with his balloon, so Cindy asked permission to take his picture.
This afternoon we took Penny to the vet to get her rabies booster and also her heart worm shot. She seemed to know where we were and as soon as we went in, she started to shake and was very frightened, but now she is good for another 6 months and the rabies for 3 years.

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