Wednesday, October 7, 2015

More Balloons

Albuquerque, New Mexico        High 66 Low 48

Today we had breakfast at the crew lounge. We had to be there at 6:00. There were a lot of people there.
We got some good pictures of the Dawn Patrol all lit up.

Afterward we went to help get our balloon set up to fly. Today the different nations we highlighted and they got to launch first. 
Our balloon crew.




Great Britain with Mexico in front. 

We saw some different shapes again today.

I guess he felt that if they are going to call him a zebra, he might as well look the part!

I was told this is a B-17. It is very noisy. It has been flying around all week.

Yoda looks angry, maybe because he is not fully inflated. Actually he looks angry when filled up.

We had gentle winds to the north and a lot of the balloons seemed to stay up for quite a while. Our balloon probably flew 10 miles to the north and Keith was able to set down in a city park. We walked the balloon a little way to a basketball court and he was able to let the balloon down on the court. He did this because the basketball court was dry, while the grass was wet. He told me that it was about as nice a landing as could be asked for.

Cindy meanwhile walked around the balloon park and she ran into a couple of men with coats covered with balloon pins. One of them was the local weather man for one of the TV stations. His coat weighed 25 pounds because of all the pins.

If this coat weighs 25 pounds, I wonder how heavy the other one is?
I spent the afternoon trying to get Cindy’s prescriptions filled. Here Doctor ordered one of them wrong and we had to try to get it resent to Albuquerque and got put on hold for a half hour, when she finally gave up. She will try again tomorrow.

Tomorrow and Friday are shape days, and we hope to see some different shapes. There are still lots of people at the Balloon Fiesta and sometimes it is hard to move around.

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