Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Tuesday Lunch with Bloggers

Mesa, Arizona  High 79 Low54

Today started off kind of slow. We went over to the computer room for a bout an hour. Cindy likes to look at Pintrest to find recipes. She seems to find some good ones.

Cindy also worked on one of her quilts this morning.
Gordon and Juanita Pierce and I.

  We had previously made appointments with Rod Ivers to meet him at Fuddruckers at Superstition Mall at 1:00. I had also got hold of Gordon and Juanita Pierce, and they agreed to meet with us. Rod told me that Loyce probably would not come, but I guess because I told him Cindy was a quilter, she changed her mind. Anyway we were waiting for Rod to show up, and Sandi and Jim walked up. Sandi said she was talking to Rod, and invited herself to the lunch. I was glad to see her and Jim again. Sandi told Gordon and I that Loyce was coming also. At that I went inside to tell Cindy and Juanita that we were going to need a larger table. They had been inside talking about quilting. It wasn't long before Rod and Loyce drove up and we all went inside.
Rod Ivers and Cindy. I'm sorry Loyce, the only picture I had of you was too blurry. I hope Sandi got a good one.

Sandi and Jim.
We had never been to Fuddruckers before, and it was one of the best hamburgers I have eaten. Thanks, Rod for the recommendation. The ladies talked about quilting, and Rod mentioned that Loyce really liked Jo-Ann's. I showed them my Iphone with the free Jo-Ann's app on it, and told them about the 40% coupon on it that you can use over and over, but only for one item at a time. Jim tried to load the app on Loyce's phone, but couldn't remember her password (he later emailed that on the way home, she remembered the apple store password, and got it installed). I really hope she was glad she came to lunch with us. Rod also said he might have to put the app on his phone and go in with her, so she could buy two things at a time. Again, I'm sorry I didn't get a picture of Loyce.

Gordon and I and Juanita talked about their trip to Alaska, and he gave me some good recommendations. One was when to go over the Top of the World Highway. He said the scenery was more spectacular later in the season, and the road is in better condition later in the summer. We probably will heed his advise.

Meeting fellow RVers is always a pleasure, and I really enjoy meeting some of the bloggers that I have only read about for so long. The more bloggers and RVers I meet, the more I feel that they are a big family with the same interests. Cindy has told me for years that she knows more about the lives of people we read about, than we know about our neighbors, and I think it is true.

See how small the square are with 8 pieces.
While we were talking to Sandi and Juanita, Cindy mentioned her sick Puppy quilt. What? They asked. I think I have already told about it, but for those of you who missed it: one of the block of the month teachers saw Cindy using up all her scraps. The pieces are quite small, and she said "Cindy, you are a sick puppy for trying to make a quilt out of such small pieces", so we named it the Sick Puppy Quilt. The teacher later apologized after she saw the finished product and hung it in their store for about a month. I have put some pictures of it on this post for you. Cindy made the top and I did the long arm quilting on it.
The Sick Puppy Quilt  

Cindy did a lot of applique on this quilt

This is the quilt we both liked and bought the pattern.

Kind of a cute picnic quilt we saw at another store.

Here's a picture I borrowed  from Gordon. Clockwise, Rod, Cindy, Loyce, Jim, Sandi, Juanita, Ray.
After lunch, we went looking at quilt stores again, and Cindy and I found one we liked, and we bought the pattern. We also found one of the stores where I can buy thread for my long arm  machine for a lot less than at home. We bought some today, but I will have to inventory my thread better for when we come back next year.


  1. was a real r to see you again after meeting you in Idaho a couple of years ago.'s about time we met the other half of this fine travel duo. We enjoyed speaking with you and Juanita can never get enough of talking quilts.

    We look forward to being a part of your adventure to Alaska this summer and are eager to compare notes sometime after your return.

    Safe travels friends!!

    Gordon and Juanita Pierce

  2. Thanks again for letting us crash your party. It was a lot of fun to see everybody again.

  3. Ray and Cindy--I too want to meet you guys! I picked up your blog from Rod's this morning. I am a longarm quilter and on this trip south I have my longarm with me in a 20x8 foot trailer--it is working well!! I too married an old fart and was able to retire early except my old fart (Michael) decided to go back to work this year--we will be in the Aransas Pass area for about a year before going home to Montana. Your quilting on the "sick puppy" quilt is beautiful Ray and I must agree with the lady who gave you the idea for the name of that quilt--that's a whole lot of little pieces!

    1. Jana, I have read your blog as a lurker for several years. I'm afaid we will be in Montana before you (on our way to Alaska this spring), but I hope our paths cross sometime. It has been a lot of fun meeting fellow blogers, Ray