Sunday, March 10, 2013

Algodones to pick up our glass

Mesa, Arizona  High 75 Low 45

The third taco place.
It was a lot warmer day today. We left early to go to Scot's and then went to Algodones in his Prius. It was a long drive both ways. We got there right a lunch time, and decided to have shrimp  tacos again. We tried a different place this time, as the second place we had tacos was closed. We were talking about shrimp tacos and one of the vendors heard us. He said follow me, took us to this other taco place. I guess you have to be quite in Algodones, if you don't want anyone to lead you some place. The tacos were as good as the last two times, but this place had a waiter, who took your order.
Scott and I looking at the menu.

Part of the ambiance, playing a guitar.

Cindy with one of the tacos.

Luis and I with the stained glass.

We then went over to see Luis about the window. It looked the same as the other one, and he apologized for the mistake last Tuesday. It was his suppliers fault, and I really wanted both doors with the same stained glass, so I guess it was worth the drive. I asked him to hold it for a little while, while we went shopping. Cindy didn't find the pottery bowl she wanted, but did find some bracelets for Christmas  presents,   and we got them as low as they were willing to go on them, so she bought them. So I guess she was happy.

from the left, Scot, Glenda , me, Don with the Cat cap.

After lunch while we were shopping, we ran into Don and Glenda Wicks, who are Canadians we met at Boomerville. They work summers at an RV Park near Calgary. We promised to look them up on our way through Alberta.

 We picked up our stained glass and went to customs, and there was hardly a line, so we got back to the US really quick. A lot of the stores were closed today, and the parking lot had about 1/10 of the cars it usually has, so I guess not as many people go on Sunday.

After the long drive back, we went to see my son Nick and his wife for a few minutes, and came home. Cindy was worn out from the long day, and will probably sleep in tomorrow.

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  1. Sure was a long day for you guys but the windows are beautiful. I don't have to be worn out to sleep in. Glad you're back safe.