Saturday, March 16, 2013

Moved to Bullhead City

Bullhead City, Arizona  High 90 Low 58

We left Mesa fairly early to avoid the heat of the day. On the way to Bullhead City, we saw a sign that said Nothing. On The wall of an old building, was printed Nothing, Arizona, Population 4. It truly was in the middle of nowhere on Highway 93. All the Joshua Trees seemed to be either in bloom or had new growth on them. It was a lot prettier than when we came to Arizona, in January.
This sign caught my eye

Say pop 4, but looks pretty deserted.

Look what 143,750 + Nevada tax will buy!

I guess you could buy a piece of history.

This is the motorcycle from the sign below.

Quite a feat, and the record still holds.

I thought this was a neat old Ford.

A little about it

Cindy's dream car.
 We continued on to Bullhead City and got set up in the RV Park. We had read about the old and classic car collection at the River View Casino in Laughlin, and wanted to go see the old cars. A lot of cars are on display, including what Cindy wishes was her silver Corvette. She always said she wanted a silver Corvette, and there it was. Yes, Cindy, keep dreaming! There was a motorcycle that had gone on a road trip around the world with over 400,000 miles on it. The rider still holds a Guinness Record for his 10 year ride.

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