Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mesa Quilt Show

Mesa, Arizona    High 91 Low 57

This morning we walked around the campground, and found out they were giving free doughnuts at the clubhouse. Of course I had to have one. I then called about Cindy's prescription at Walmart. They told me that they couldn't fill it because we were out of refills. The bottle that was filled on Feb. 11 said she had 2 more refills, so I drove over to the pharmacy and showed them the bottle. Last time we refilled it in Parker, they got down one line to another person, and tried to give us 3 months, even though the insurance would only pay for one month. I had to correct them in Parker, and thought it was straightened out, but no. The pharmacist had to call Parker, and was put on hold for more than 10 minutes, but they finally got it straightened out.

My son, Nick, called about noon and said he was off work and could he come and see us. I said sure and gave him the address and space number we are in. He came over and had not had lunch, just like any kid he came over hungry,  so Cindy fixed him lunch. We asked him if he knew about the Ranch Market, and since he didn't, we took him there and bought more produce. He was quite impressed with the prices and bought quite a lot of fruits and vegetables.  After that it was almost time to go to the quilt show in Mesa, so we said good-by to Nick and got ready to go.

Below are some of Cindy and I's favorite quilts form the show.

The quilting and applique on this one were very nice. 
Cindy was really impressed with the embroidery.

This quilt had some very tiny pieces on the star.

We both liked the colors and design of this one

This quilt was quite nice.

This on looked hard to make

This quilt was the blue ribbon winner in it's class.  Because of the exquisite quilting, this was our favorite of the show.
The quilting and patterns were excellent.
I don't have some of these pattern, but am going to have to get them.

This picture does't show as well as the actual quilt looked, but the thread was a light brown, so the patterns really showed up.
Tomorrow is a moving day. We are headed to Bullhead City.


  1. Amazing, the many different patterns that people can create. Safe travels tomorrow.

  2. My first visit to your blog. I really enjoyed reading your bio. 13 kids is a houseful for sure. We hope to explore Utah come this October. We did a small part of it years ago. We now want to stay at least a month to get the real deal.

    The quilts are gorgeous. I tried my hand at making two for Christmas gifts years ago. They turned out pretty good but haven't had time since to do another one. We are both retired and no time...isn't that strange.

    Found your blog off of Sandie and Jim's. They are very dear friends of ours. Nice job. I will be back.