Tuesday, March 5, 2013


The Q Casino   High 82 Low 54

This will look good in our door.
Well, today was supposed to be the day we finally got our stained glass. We went over to Algodones at about 9:30. We went to the glass shop, and he told us the truck hadn't got there yet. He called them, and they said they would be there in about one hour. OK, so we walked around town and stopped for a while and listened to the live music on the town square. When we thought enough time had passed, we went back over to the glass place. They were unloading the truck, and pretty soon he came up carrying one of our door windows. It really looks good. When he went to get the other one, he came back and said the place that makes them had only made one. He was quite upset at them. (He threw down his clip board). He asked us what he could do. He said he would have the other one by Saturday late afternoon. We told him we were leaving tomorrow to go to Mesa. He said if I would come back to get it after that, he would give me $50.00 off for gas. So I guess if I want the other stained glass, I will have to drive from Mesa to Algodones and back. I guess it’s a good thing I don’t have a hard and fast schedule, so we will be making another trip to Yuma, just not with the trailer
Looks like the same stuff we got in Cancun.
While we walked around town, Cindy found some of the pottery dishes like she had gotten in Cancun, but it seemed quite a bit high. She showed great restraint in not buying them or jewelry, but now she will get another shot at it. Oh well, we shall see. I just might be in trouble. LOL

They sell asparagus and strawberries on every corner.            
We did buy more asparagus and strawberries, and when we come back we will have to buy more. When we came back through customs, they asked me to go see another agent, as the computer had pick me for a second interview. All the second one asked me was if all I had was the stained glass, and when I replied, yes, he said that was all, thank you. The first agent told me that about one in four hundred get picked for the second interview, so I guess the computer wanted to make my downer day complete. I really guess downer day is relative; I could be in Salt Lake waiting for another snow storm.


  1. Everything is relative. Be glad you are not near Chicago getting tons of snow! ;)

  2. The window is beautiful.

    Any way to make sure your other window is there BEFORE you drive down from Mesa?