Monday, March 11, 2013

Quilt Stores and Meeting Bloggers

Mesa, Arizona  High 72 Low 48

Today was a lot warmer day than yesterday. This morning we went to three quilt stores. They all had very nice quilts hanging. Cindy took lots of pictures. We only put on a few on this post.  We got quite a surprise at 3 Dudes Quilting, one of the owners, Ray, I believe, met us at the door and when Cindy asked if she could take pictures, he said sure, take all you want, and there is coffee in the back, iced tea, and cold water in the fridge. There are also 5 kinds of home made cookies in the back. Please help yourself. We stayed and Cindy took a lot of pictures, but he was out of the quilt pattern she liked, so we ended up not buying anything. We definitely would recommend that store and will go back next time we are in the area. He did have a kit that we both liked, but we weren't ready to spend over $200.00 at this time.

Outside of one of the quilt stores.

Inside 3 Dudes Quilting

Looks easy to make

This is the one we liked, but the kit cost too much right now.

I liked the way this one was quilted.

This one caught my eye because of how intricate the star is.

The applique is also very nice. 

These squares are very little.

A monument in old town Chandler, of the pioneers that founded the city. This is where one of the quilt stores was located. 

This picture is for Ed and Marilyn of The Happy Wanders.

Cindy, Marilyn, and Ed
We had arraigned  to meet Ed and Marilyn for lunch in Apache Junction at 1:00 at a Mexican place. They were gracious enough to agree to meet us for lunch. It was very good food. We sat outside on the patio because it was such a nice day. We sat and talked for about an hour. We had never met them before, and it was as if we had known them forever. I guess if you count all the time I have read their blog, it's been about five years, so I guess I have known them for a long time. They are very nice people, and we hope to run into them again. We talked about some of the people we have met and read their blogs. They are full timers, while we are presently only most timers.  


  1. You had more fun than we did today. Beautiful quilt patterns.

  2. It's always nice to meet fellow bloggers. :)