Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Writing on Stone Provincial Park Day7

Lethbridge, Alberta

The Day started out a little rainy and cool, but soon warmed up. This afternoon it is quite hot. We decided to drive back to Milk River and see the Writing on Stone Provincial Park. We drove into the Information Center, and discovered it is only open on weekends this time of year. So we drove down to the campground and found the Hoodoo Trail. There was a trail guide at the start of it, so when we walked to the numbered spots, there was a description of each place. It reminds me a lot of Goblin Valley in Utah, without as many Hoodoos’ and this Park has petroglyphs. The Milk River also flows through the Park, while in Utah, Goblin Valley is desert.  Parts of the trail have been cut into the sandstone and other parts have wooden steps to go up or down. The benches are well placed for places to rest, so overall it is a fun trail. We are both out of shape so only walked about ½ of the trail. When we got back to the truck, it was time for lunch. After lunch we came back to the 5er, where Cindy did some more quilting. The Park is about 1 1/2 hours from Lethbridge, each way.

Locked up tight except for Saturday and Sunday.

A small section of the Milk River.

Cindy loves wildflowers

More flowers

 We saw quite a few wildflowers on our walk.

Kind of neat Hoodoo.

 Right in the center of this picture, you can see what the pamphlet said was a buffalo.
A little closer.

A bear paw.

And another bear claw.


We both thought this mushroom shaped Hoodoo was kind of neat

Cindy is deathly afraid of snakes and thinks the only good snake is a dead snake and when she saw this sign said "they better watch out for themselves."

I hope you enjoy Cindy’s pictures. Thanks for visiting.

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