Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Day 13, 14

Rocky Mountain House, Alberta

Sorry about no post yesterday. We had no internet at the campground. Yesterday we spent the day making quilt blocks. We also took a long walk around the campground. I can’t get over how big the park is. Some of the sites are gorgeous. It looks like the fire along highway 11 has got quite a bit larger than last Saturday, but the news says that the rain yesterday has helped. However, the town of Nordegg is still evacuated with no time frame for when the residents can go home.

We took a walk today to a part of the RV Park we hadn’t been to before. There is an outdoor Chapel, with benches for the people to sit on; it is a very nice setting, in which to contemplate Nature and Gods’ wonders. The sign says nondenominational. It’s too bad we won’t be here on a Sunday.

Seems like a nice, quiet spot in the woods.

We have decided to go into town today and talk to the police department to see if the highway will be open tomorrow, or if we will have to change our plans. All these hard decisions are sure cutting into our schedule, but somebody has to do it. LOL If highway 11 is closed or in danger, we will go north on 22 and probably stop at Edson or Hinton. We might have to miss Lake Louise and Jasper, but I still hope not.

Last night Cindy took some pictures of the sunset. The night was quite cool, and some places they were predicting freezing temperatures. Today has started out sunny and nice, but more rain is in the forecast. We should be OK tomorrow for our drive, but rain on Saturday and Sunday is predicted.
Night before last we had a campfire and made smoors. Cindy got a picture of me cooking a Strawberry marshmallow.   She thought she had cinnamon graham crackers, which would have been that much better, but all we had were regular grahams.  They were very good, but just like a kid, I was a sticky mess.

End of another great day.

As bad as the kids!
The planes and helicopters are still flying over quite often, and we have decided the helicopters might be the news going out to see the fire. It is kind of a quiet day. Thanks for visiting. 

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  1. Would be a shame to miss Jasper and Lake Louise. There is a quaint Quilt shop in Canmore.
    Bev in NS Canada