Monday, May 27, 2013

Day 24

Skagway, Alaska
This morning we went to church. The building is a lot different than any we have been in before. It is a log building. The meeting was held in the cultural hall. There is one basketball standard, with carpet on the floor. I would think they would have a problem playing basketball. We sure do like going to these little branches. For priesthood meeting and relief society meeting the door was opened for the song, using one piano. Then the door was closed and we each had our own meeting. It was an interesting experience.

After church we went to the pier to get the shrimp from Nick’s trap. We only found 5 shrimp in it. We went ahead and prepared them for eating, and had to have hamburgers and hotdogs as there weren't enough shrimp for 5 people (we invited Nick to join us). The shrimp I had was very good. An hour before it had been alive, so it couldn't have been any fresher.

These tags have to be on the rope to the traps, or the Game Warden will confiscate the trap.

Here we are pulling up the trap.
This is what the shrimp look like as they come out of the trap.

The one in the red shirt is Nick, the RV Park owner
Nice sunny day.

The ferry boat to Haines.

The two cruise ships that we in port tody.

 The Red Onion Saloon was a brothel during the gold rush. There is lots of memorabilia and a museum inside.

Inside the saloon.

An old snow plow on the end of the train.

Another picture of downtown.

After lunch, we went into town to see some of the shops. Cindy found an Alaska coloring book with Alaskan animals in it. She is going to use them for our Alaska quilt. She also bought some kids pillows for Christmas presents for our grandkids. They had different Alaska animals and should do great for the little kids.

 That was about it for the day. Tomorrow morning we leave for Whitehorse, where we have to decide to go to Tok or Dawson City.

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