Thursday, May 16, 2013

Day 14 Lake Louise

Saskatchewan River Crossing, Alberta

Yesterday morning, we went into Rocky Mountain House to talk to the police about whether Highway 11 was open. They gave us a phone number to call to talk to the Highway Department to see. I called this morning, and they told me it was open. See Cindy’s post below. We also had to go to the only quilt store in town. With prices as high as they seem to be in Canada, I don’t know how anyone can afford to quilt.

After we left town, we went to see Crimson Lake, which is close to where we stayed. It is a beautiful lake, surrounded by trees. The only drawback was all the little flies that tried to fly in your eyes, ears, and nose. So we cut our walk short.

Last night we had another fire and roasted more marshmallows and had more smoors.
Today it seems like we really are on our great Northern adventure, no more reservations, absolute beautiful scenery and even animal sightings, what could have been better. We traveled 214 miles today; our goal for today was to see Lake Louise. I could not stop taking pictures, over 100 today. We were a little nervous about the large forest fire that we have been listening to for several days. When we got close to Nordegg there were police blocking off all side roads. The main highway was open but nothing else. We pasted the firefighters’ camp and could see several helicopters dropping water. There were also firefighters wetting down the sides of the road.

Ray pulled over at the perfect rest area Abraham Lake; there was a herd of Big Horn Sheep. I missed the perfect shot, these two just buttered heads.

The topper for the day was this bear about 20 miles from where we saw the sheep.
Here are some of the pictures I took on highway 93 towards Lake Louise.

Ray and I walked a little ways around Lake Louise; it brought memories back from our honeymoon. We would have waked a bit farther but it was a bit cold when the sun was not shinning.

I thought this chandelier in the Lodge was interesting.

One of the many lakes on the way to Lake Louise.

We were able to leave the 5er at Saskatchewan River Crossing. That way we did not have to take it all the way to Lake Louise and back. (About 125 miles) This is where we are staying for the night. They do not charge for staying. Free is GOOD!

Hope you enjoy the pictures. We are having a great time, thanks for reading.

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