Thursday, July 20, 2017

We Leave Tomorrow

Howe, Indiana               High 84 Low 65

It has been nice weather here for the last while. Today was warm and humid. We are used to the dry humidity in Utah.

My Mother-in-law got released to the motor home and was OK'd to return to Utah. We plan on going straight home, but will take what time we need to get there so she doesn't get too tired. Linda met with the oxygen provider, Lincare, and got an oxygen generator and enough bottles to get us back to Utah. They are located all over the US so if we need anything from them, it will be readily available.

I am afraid Cindy and I have been here way too long. We talked about going to Rise N Roll this morning and both of us declined.

After we leave here we are scheduled into a Coast to Coast Park in Sublette, Illinois. We plan on being there three nights to get Cindy's Mom used to traveling again and also to give her a little rest. Most travels days with be Freeway and we will try to drive in the neighborhood of 300 miles per day. It looks like some will be a little longer, but it will take about five days of driving to get back to Utah.

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