Wednesday, July 5, 2017

More Sight Seeing

Loudonville, Ohio              High 88 Low 64

It was another nice day.

Yesterday we drove to Mansfield to see part of what is called the Shawshank Trail. It is various locations of places that were used in the film The Shawshank Redemption. I always thought it was supposed to be New England when it was actually filmed in Ohio.

The first place was the prison which was actually the Ohio State Reformatory. It is an old neat looking building. While we were there we got to see a large number of geese. The building wasn’t open to tours because of the Fourth of July.

This was only part of the Geese.

The next shop was The Bissman Building and was the site of the Brewer Hotel where Brooks stayed and hanged himself soon after being paroled from the Shawshank Prison. Please note that only the front of the building was used in the movie.  The actual "hotel room" where Brooks stayed was staged at The Ohio State Reformatory.  The building was also utilized in the film as the front office of the Portland Daily Bugle.  

This building and the Reformatory were both by the same Architect and were built the same year.
We drove a little waySouth to the Historic Carrousel District, you'll travel a little over halfway up Main Street in Downtown Mansfield. Look to the left for Carrousel Antiques. In the movie, Red peers through one of these same windows and sees the compass that later leads him to the Oak Tree.

Some of the buildings next to the Antique store.
That was as much of the trail that we saw.

We then drove back to the RV Park by way of a secondary highway and got some pictures of some of the old buildings and even an old car park in a field.

Today we went to Millersburg and Berlin to see some of the quilt stores in the area. We also went to two different cheese stores. The second one, Heini’s, was by far the better of the two. They had lots of samples of cheese and spreads and fudge. The spreads were so good that we bought 3 of them. The fudge, while good, wasn’t our favorite fudge so we didn’t buy any.
 Another neat old building.

This was by one of the Quilt Stores.
Amish farmer selling things across from the Cheese Plant.

The first Cheese Plant.

 These Amish buggies were out side one of the Quilt Stores. The quilt for sale was probably the most expensive I've ever seen.

 Some of the scenery outside the second Cheese Plant. The stained glass is on the cheese plant building.

Lots of people sampling.

 These are inside their manufacturing plant.

 This mural on the inside of the Heini's shows some of the history of cheese making.

After we left Berlin I decided to let Mable, our GPS, bring us back to the RV. For a while it was questionable whether we would make it because she took us over some narrow dirt roads, one of which said no RVs. Finally we crossed the river and it turned out we were only a half mile from the RV Park. Her way probably saved us 15 miles over taking the main Highway but I'm glad I was in the truck and not pulling the fifth wheel.
Because of my Mother-in-laws health, we have decided to leave here early and head slowly back to Utah and shorten our trip.

Thanks for visiting.

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