Thursday, July 27, 2017

Red Desert Rose Campground

Red Desert Rose Campground
Rawlins, Wyoming         High 82 Low 54

Yes, we are back in the desert: warm in the daytime and cool at night. The elevation here in Rawlins is a little over 6800 feet. This is quite a raise in elevation from the 800 feet we were at for the last month.

We are at the Red Desert Rose Campground. It is a basic RV Park with 50 amp electric and full hook-ups but the sites are a bit close but are adequate for one night. They even have a courtesy vehicle if you need to go into town. All sites and roads are gravel with no grass and few trees but what do I expect in a desert?

Cindy’s Mom was doing OK after her episode yesterday. To answer Ricks question on comments yesterday, yes she has been checked for sleep apnea. Linda told me that when she was checked she was having up to 60 episodes an hour and that is the reason she has a CPAP machine. I think what the EMTs did was put oxygen with her CPAP and it only took a few minutes to see a remarkable change.

We had a lot of wind through Nebraska but it settled down once we got to Wyoming.  We got to what is known as the Lincoln Rest Stop before Laramie and got a few pictures. The elevation there was 8800 feet which seemed like a lot for Cindy’s Mom but Linda said she seemed OK.

I'm guessing the height at 30+ feet for the monument.

When I went over this afternoon to help her with her puzzle, I found that she was nearly finished with it and seemed to be OK. We all will be glad to get back to Utah. It is a little over 300 miles to home from here. We should be home by mid-afternoon.

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  1. If Cindy's Mom has Sleep Apnea the way you described I hope she is using her machine at night. As mentioned we use our CPAPs religiously. If we miss even a single night we feel the difference.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.