Friday, September 26, 2014

Shenandoah National Park

Front Royal, Virginia High 75 Low 52

The day started out cloudy and foggy, but thanks to Jan for sending the nice weather from Indiana, we decided to go and see the middle third of the Skyline Drive.

We knew we would be a while and decided to take Penny with us, but she still gets car sick, so we don't think we will take her on such long rides again.

We got lots of pictures of the scenery and some of the leaves have changed color. There was a lot more fall colors than a week ago, but it still has a long way to go.

We stopped at the Marys Rock Tunnel overlook. It told some of the history about the tunnel. It took 3 months of drilling and blasting to carve the tunnel through 600 feet of solid granite. Right after the tunnel was completed in January 1932, venturesome motorist started to use the tunnel. There was another sign that told of the controversy of building a tunnel versus going around, and it was decided that the Park would have less impact by building the tunnel than by all the fill and guard rails that would have had to been built.

At the Visitor Center at Big Meadow, we found out about all the people that were displace when the National Park was established. There were lawsuits to try stopping the Park from taking their land, and after every thing had been refused by the Supreme Court, notices of eviction were issued in January of 1934. One man had to be forcefully removed by law officers.

The day and the drive were a lot nicer than the one we took last week.

We saw one section of the Appalachian Trail that looked very steep and difficult. The marker was right by the turn-off.

Thanks for visiting.

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