Friday, September 5, 2014

Just Relaxed Today

York, Pennsylvania High 88 Low 72

Today was a lot warmer and the humidity was way up. It was a little uncomfortable to be outside.

We did go into town to see what we thought was a quilt store which turned out to be an embroidery business. They were very nice and showed us their equipment and showed us some of the work they had going. The big machine could do 6 item at a time. They also didn't have to stop the machine to change colors. The owner told us that he started out with one little embroidery machine and then got a one head commercial machine. That worked into the large machine that they had going. He also said he started out in his garage, until his wife told him she wanted the garage back at which time they bought the building they were in now. They work together and had one other employee. He also told us that he didn't like orders smaller than 200 pieces.

 I joked with Cindy about was that what we were headed. She did tell me she liked the multi-spool machines. I have learned never to tell her no. I can say are you really sure or let's talk about, but never no. If I tell her no, she will do whatever to show me.

We saw this woven wire bracelet today and Cindy thinks she would like to try doing it, so we watched a video on YouTube and it looks doable.

After that we went to the grocery store and then went back to the RV Park.

I took some pictures of the Park. It is a small family owned park. The people here are very nice. They are working on a large waterfall at the entrance to the Park.

Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer than today, so we don't know what we are going to do. We might just hang out again.

Penny is getting more attached every day. She likes to play a little hard sometimes, but sleeps a lot, but that is probably because she is a baby. Everybody that sees her thinks she is so cute. Cindy has been running a little with her, and thinks it is good for both of them. Penny seems to come home a little more tired, and settles down a lot sooner.
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  1. I like Cindy's response to the word "no". Bill never tells me "no" so I guess it won't work for me.