Wednesday, September 24, 2014


Front Royal, Virginia High 68 Low 55

Today started out partly cloudy, but was chilly this morning. We had to have the heater on for a while.

We decided to wait for a better day to see the rest of the Skyline Drive, and as the day wore on, the news said the Shenandoah National Park was socked in with clouds so it was a good decision.

We had heard some controversy on TV about the name of the Naughty Girls Donut Shop. Some people wanted them to change their name. Since we had never gone to a gourmet pastry shop, and it was so close to where we are staying, we wanted to try it out.
They had lots of different donuts; some with bacon and lots of what we thought was weird combinations. One was called UnElvis. It was filled bananas and Bavarian cream, and topped with bacon chips. It looked and sounded very fattening.

We both decided on the Peach Harvest. It was filled with peach filling and was topped with pecans and cranberries. I don’t know how many calories it was, but probably around 500. It was good and very messy to eat.
As far as the name, it was merely an attempt to get business, and it must work because the store was very busy when we went in. There were pictures on the wall of old female movie stars. Marilyn Monroe was one that was prominent. 

The girl that took our order let us take her picture, and we didn't see anything inappropriate with her uniform. She was also the cashier.
We spent most of the day trying to get on of Cindy’s quilts finished, so I can be one more behind.

Tomorrow we move to another RV Park.

Thanks for visiting.

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