Tuesday, September 2, 2014

More Sight Seeing

Pequea, Pennsylvania High 88 Low 66

We wanted to go to a bulk food store that we read about. It is and Amish store in Gordonville. The lights are gas and there is no electric lighting, rather they had large skylights for lighting. They must have some electricity because they had some large commercial freezers. It is a lot like the store in Shipshewana, Indiana only smaller. They do not take credit cards: cash or check.

The name of the store is Centerville Bulk Foods. There were a lot of Amish shopping there.

We stopped at the Mennonite fabric store on the way to the food store. Cindy wanted to get some more fabric for another quilt. We got talking to the nice couple that owned the store and asked them about the Bulk Food store. They told us how to get there and then added that they had never shopped there. They told us they used to be Old Order Amish, and were now shunned and therefore could not go in any Amish stores.

On the way to the Bulk Food Store we passed an Amish school. All the kids were outside getting a lesson from their teacher, and as we drove by they all waved at us. When we came back, all the kids were inside, and Cindy was able to get a picture of the school. She didn't want to offend anyone by taking the kids picture.
We passed another quilt store and went inside and got some good pictures of the quilts for
We then went to the National Christmas Center and looked around and got a few pictures, but we decided not to go through the museum because $12.50 a person seemed a bit high.

A short segment of Leave it to Beaver was playing on the TV.

On the way back to the RV Park we passed what has to be one of the smallest Covered Bridges ever. It goes over a small stream in the Paradise City Park. It has a walking path going through it.

When we were driving through the countryside, we saw several groups of Amish families outside having lunch outside. It looked like a full meal.

Cindy got some pictures of Penny asleep on my feet last night. I don’t know which one of us doing the training, but she has woken me up at 5:00 the last two mornings to go outside. I am glad she wakes me to go out instead of going inside.

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  1. Penny is a little cutie. I am boycotting Amish products. Google Amish puppy mills and you might be surprised!