Thursday, September 4, 2014

Moved to York

York, Pennsylvania High 86 Low 70

We were outside this morning getting ready to leave and the two ducks came by to say goodbye. Actually they were looking for a handout again. Cindy got some pictures of me feeding them a bread crust. The female is a little braver than the male, but they both act pretty tame.

We got away at about 10:30, with about an hour and a half ride. We couldn't check in the new park until 1:00 so we stopped a little ways away from the Park. We arrived at the Ben Franklin RV Park just after 1:00. We had an uneventful drive here.

We crossed the Susquehanna River and Cindy got a few picture of the River.

We're not sure what we are going to do here, but we might go to the York County Fair, except they are having record heat for the time of year. There is a farmers market about 3 miles from us on Saturday.

Penny made the move without any problems. We took away her food and water about an hour and a half before we left, so maybe that made the difference. Thanks for the tip Sandi. 

I know this is kind of short, but thanks for visiting.


  1. You do know that you should feed the ducks quackers, don't you???? Have fun at the fair.

  2. So glad that Penny made the trip okay. And a nice uneventful journey is always a good thing.