Sunday, May 7, 2023

Still Here

 Riverton, Utah             High 61 Low 40

We seem to have come back to Utah too soon. It has been been cold at night and rainy for the last week. It tried to rain again today, just enough to get the car dirty.

Since we've been home, I finally replaced the glass inserts on three of our exterior doors. They measure about 2 feet by 5 feet and are double tempered glass. They each weigh quite a bit. They have plastic frames around them and the outside got cracked and ruined. I had to replace the glass and frame because no-one sells just the frame. And when you replace the insert, the whole door has to be painted. They have only been in for 20 years. Nothing seems to last forever.

Cindy has been busy getting ready to plant her garden, but she thinks it is still too cold to put in tomatoes.

Last October after our secondary water had been turned off, Fiber optic cable piping was installed in the whole neighborhood with an outlet at the front of each lot. The only problem was when they brought the pipe onto our grass, they must have hit and cracked one of PVC pipes, and when I turned the sprinkler on for the first time, it was leaking enough to water to the middle of the street. From reading one of the neighbors Facebook, I knew it would be almost impossible to get the contractor back to fix the pipe, so I fixed it myself. That day I must have been Home Depots best customer, because with paint, caulking, some of Cindy's plants, potting soil, and then the fittings to repair the broken pipe, I had used my credit card 7 times at Home Depot with no where else in between.

We also went to a yard sale that had new shoes for $1.00 each, that's per shoe, not per pair. Cindy found about 4 shoes she liked, but wasn't able to find any to match that were the same size. For instance she found a really nice right shoe in her size, but the only match she could find was either 3 sizes too small or another right. We ended up not buying any shoes.

Quite a pile of shoes. Too bad there weren't any pairs that matched. I told her she could get a right and a left of another design, but she refused. LOL

I did finish one baby quilt.


Sorry for so many pictures of the same quilt. I was trying to show the animal patterns.

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  1. Why I hear that's the style now ... two different shoes! Yeah, not my choice either. Super cute baby quilt. I'm looking for a similar quilting pattern. Be thankful ... that quilt I just made was in Cindy's bag for awhile. LOL