Saturday, May 20, 2023

One More Shop Hop

 Riverton, Utah        High 81 Low 55

It is almost 10 degrees warmer than is normal for May. I read that temperatures are approaching new records for this time of year.

Our air quality is very bad because of the wild fires in Alberta.

We went to another shop hop and got more pictures. We also went to the quilt show, but I will wait until next time to talk about it.

We got more quilt pictures and I hope you don't get tired of looking at them.

Some of the quilts are interesting.

We had our front porch resurfaced and it looks lots better. I will get pictures of it later. 

Our swimming pool cover hasn't been working. We had to get a new motor and controls, which we have waited a month for the cover company to get time to do the repairs. We couldn't open the pool.

We have had lots of repairs going on since we have been home. I jokingly tell Cindy that I don't understand all these repairs, after-all our home is only 22 years old. Why don't these things last longer? 

She has her garden mostly finished. We found some tomato plants at a yard sale today for $1.00 each, which is a lot less than the nursery's so she bought 3 more and got them planted.

We have so many apricots, that we have been thinning them almost every day. We will still have a lot of apricots.

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  1. You know what my comment is going to be. WAY too many pieces in those quilts ... but aren't they beautiful?? LOVE the jail picture!! Maybe they could pin some Saran Wrap on the corners so you wouldn't be touching the fabric. After all, we ALL want to see what's on the back!