Tuesday, December 6, 2016

We Are Going to be Cold

Yuma, Arizona             High 73 Low 51

We finally got scheduled for our closing on the house that is being taken by UDOT for the road widening. We close Thursday morning. While we could have done everything by mail, we wanted to take some things back to Riverton and bring down our bikes which we haven't had room for.

It is only going to be a high of 35 with a low of 17 tonight with a low of 12 tomorrow night. This is -11 C for you Canadians. Either way it is too cold for me.

We hope to have all our paperwork taken care of Thursday and we now plan on leaving to head back south on Friday. We want to see the replacement house we are buying for Tammy before we leave. The interesting thing about all of this is that what we are getting for the old house is exactly what we are paying for the new one.

I know that we have gotten used to the warmer temperatures of southern Arizona and do not like the cold and snow anymore. It is supposed to snow all night tonight in Salt Lake City and again on Thursday. The only clear days are Wednesday and Friday.

We are driving all the way tomorrow but will probably take 2 days getting back to Yuma. One long day is about all either of us can handle any more.

In case I forget later, I hope everyone has Happy Holidays.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. Travel safely and get back her to some warmer temps soon.

  2. Yikes!!! I'm getting to be the same way. I just hate anything below 50 degrees!! Safe travels!!