Monday, December 26, 2016

Another Christmas Behind Us

Yuma, Arizona        High 59 Low 45

It was cooler today with the wind blowing. We remembered from last year that this was the coldest time of the year.

We went to a Park wide dinner yesterday. The Park furnished the turkeys and gravy just like Thanksgiving. There were twelve tables with 20 seats each. The people at each table furnished all the sides for their table. We had a good meal and as usual ate too much.

Cindy started to take down our Christmas decorations today but won't get really serious until this week end. She did take a picture of me by our Christmas tree here in Yuma.

I started the day out playing shuffle board while Cindy spent her morning sewing.

This afternoon we drove over to the Pilot Knob RV Park to see George and Susie. We spent a while talking to them. Penny started out sitting on Susie's lap and then went down to a dog chair. George told us that there are several couples in the same Park from their home Park in Ottawa. They plan on leaving next Tuesday (after New Year) and boon docking for a while. Perhaps we will see them again in Quartzsite at the Bloggerfest the last of January.

We need to make a trip to Phoenix and are not absolutely sure when we will do so. We have some presents for Cindy's son Scott. She also needs some embroidery thread and I am low on quilting thread in some colors so we will visit our favorite quilt store while we are in Phoenix.

We are both staying busy and enjoying being away from the colder weather. Even though it felt cool today, it is still better than in Utah.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. Looks like we all had a great Christmas day.
    It was so nice that you were able to stop by for a visit, always nice to catch up with you guys and a doggie fix for Suzie with Penny.
    Soon the weather will warm up and we will enjoy it even more.

  2. Where do you get your embroidery thread? I need some thread for needlepoint and can't seem to find stores any more. Your 59-45 is better than my 49-30!!!