Saturday, December 10, 2016

It Was Cold

Yuma, Arizona       High 75 Low 55

We made it to Riverton with out any problems. With the stops we made it took us 12 hours. For me, it seemed like a long day of driving. It is a little over 700 miles. When I was 20 I thought nothing of driving that far, and I still think nothing of it. We probably won't try to do it all in one day again. I'm only glad Cindy was able to drive some of it. I probably wouldn't do it without her. Poor little Penny got sick on the roller-coaster road from Parker to Needles and threw up Tuesdays meal, as I hadn't fed her before we left Wednesday morning.

Thursday it only got to 21 degrees F. We got our paperwork signed at both title companies and then went to do some shopping. We went to Costco and the wind was blowing so hard that we thought we were going to freeze going from the car to the store. No wonder we like Arizona in the winter.

Last night we went to see the house we bought with the money from the Redwood Road property. To us we thought it was a pretty good home for Tammy and the kids.

Yesterday morning I went over to fix a decent furnace filter bracket so she could change filters without a lot of trouble.

Then we left to drive to Mesquite, Nevada where we stayed for the night. Cindy's sister, Linda, gave us a coupon for the room and a two for one buffet at the Virgin River Hotel and Casino. The room only cost $10.00 for Penny and the buffet was a fish buffet for Friday. It was very good!

This morning we left Mesquite at about 8:00 MST, again without feeding Penny. I decided to go about 5 miles per hour slower than the speed limit on the roller coaster road and Penny got a little sick, but didn't throw up. When we got to Parker we stopped for lunch and I fed Penny some and she ate it and acted OK.

We Made it to Yuma just after 2:00 and got the car unloaded. I decided to take Penny to the small dog park for Yappy Hour and she had fun running with all her dog friends. Some of the people told me that they had missed Penny while she was gone.

We are glad to be back in Yuma out of the cold weather.

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  1. Poor Penney. Glad she got to go to the doggie park. One more thing done and over with. Yippee. Our weather is definitely much better.

  2. Like humans many animals can become ill because their stomach is empty and is full of acid. In the future try feeding her a light snack or a quarter of her normal meal. It will probably work out better.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. So nice to be back in the much warmer weather, enjoy....

  4. Funny, all those rolling hills make ME sick too!! We got down to 32 degrees about four days in a row ... darn that's cold! Back up to the 50's now and just balmy!! I'm glad Miss Penny is feeling better and enjoyed the dog park.