Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Nice Day

Yuma, Arizona

We are really enjoying the weather here. Today it got to 80 degrees. I know all you in the north feel sorry for us that it only got to 80, but oh well. It is getting clear down to 55. We had to laugh at the TV weather person from Phoenix the other day. He told the viewers it would get down to about 42 and they should be careful and take all their pets inside. Salt Lake City is supposed to get down to 14 later in the week, so we are really glad to be in Yuma instead of Utah.

This Park still has a lot going on. Cindy has been working with the pottery, while I have been playing shuffle board. I still take Penny to the small dog Park most days so she can play with all her friends at Yappy Hour. Today there were 11 dogs, so we are getting a few more. One couple was bring their dog to the Park, but almost decided not to, when about five of the dogs barked at their dog. We assured them that it was only the greeting committee and that everything would be OK. After everyone smelled the new dog, they were all playing together in just a few minutes.

There are quite a few Christmas decorations up and I will have to put some pictures on a future post.

Monday we had our monthly pot-luck dinner. It is really easy to over eat, everything tastes so good.

In our Park there is trash pickup two day a week and I have volunteered to help on Thursdays.

We got our bike going and have started riding them. I have found out how out of shape my behind is, but hope it gets tougher.

I hope everyone is having a great holiday season, Thanks for visiting.

PS: if you get to Yuma, please look us up.


  1. Our plans are to be in Yuma the first week of February so we will definitely be looking you guys up. Have fun and good luck with the bike riding.

  2. We're at Quails Run RV Park in Quartzsite until the 3rd when we head out to La Posa. If not this year we'll make a point of meeting next year.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. We be heading to the Q today , Algodones tomorrow and Saturday, then Pilot knob for 2 weeks will maybe see you at some point.