Sunday, January 31, 2016

We Scored and Other Happenings

Yuma, Arizona       High 79 Low 52

It has been great weather here this last week.

We have been almost too busy here in the Park. They sure seem to have a lot going on all the time.

Cindy has been taking the pottery class and has worked on some neat things (some of which didn’t turn out quite the way she wanted).
Penny seems to have gotten over her surgery and, to me at least, is acting more like a puppy than before. She runs around when she meets a new dog and is running a lot in the small dog park when we go there. I don’t always make it, but I try to take her once a day.

We went to see what was going on at the pool party they held this last week and there was some more good entertainment and lots of people were dancing to the music.

I tried shuffleboard some more and it seems that I’m having a little trouble getting the right amount of push on the discs but no one seems to care. It is more about having a good time than winning.

We are still going to the square dance classes and Cindy has found she can handle it if she wears her back brace. We have a lot of new people and I seem to remember a lot of the calls, but still need a lot of practice.

Saturday morning there was a Park wide yard sale with about 30 people selling stuff. We found some pots like some we looked at in Algodones and bought them for less than there and didn’t have to figure out how to get them to the car. The same lady was in the process of getting ready to sell her house (her husband died a while ago) and made us a lot of bargains.

The neighbors across the street had a painting Cindy liked for our home and we got it. It reminded us of one of the towns in Spain, but found out it was of Italy. The neighbor found out that Cindy was doing pottery and she told us she had some clay that she would make us a deal on because she wasn’t able to do pottery anymore because of arthritis in her hands.
We have wanted to get some chairs for our back yard and another man had a whole set that we liked and so we bought the set. He even hauled it to us in his truck. We were happy with our yard sale purchases yesterday.
Cindy has been after me to cook something on our outdoor cooker and last night I finally did. I cooked some brats and they turned out OK.
Then last night there was a tribute to George Strait concert. I helped before as a greeter and then we got to listen to the concert. The group was all from the Phoenix area and did a good job with George Strait’s songs. There were a lot more people at this concert than the others we have gone to. Everyone there seemed to enjoy the music.

The violin play was excellent and got lots of applause.
He almost sounded like George Strait.
Right now it is getting quite windy and cooler weather is in the forecast.

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  1. What a GREAT time!! Glad you both are enjoying Yuma and high five on the yard sale purchases!!! Give Penny a hug for me!!!

  2. You are keeping yourself pretty busy there, the storm will soon be over and clear skies again.

    1. It's still a lot nicer than if I were home in Salt Lake Valley.

  3. Yuma sure seems to be an option for a place to "winter", but we like our condo near Tampa for that. Glad everything is working out for you all, and the pup.