Monday, January 4, 2016

Finished up My Part of the Cabinets

Finished up My Part of t he Cabinets
Yuma, Arizona           High 57 Low 48

We woke up to rain this morning and it rained most of the day. The forecast now is for more rain tomorrow evening and again Thursday. Also it is supposed to stay cool, but you know the weather guessers, they seem to change the forecast hourly.

Cindy and I went to a beginning Spanish class this morning. I don’t get how to roll rs and the language might be hard for me. The teacher, who also lives in Utah in the summer, showed the class a lot of Spanish words we already knew; only some of our pronunciations are incorrect. There will be a class every week for the rest of the season. I hope to at least learn some of the basics of the language.

After the class I went to Eddie and Barbara’s to help them install the cabinet bases. I thought it might take longer than it did, but I guess we learned enough about the ones we started last week, that we were able to get all the bases built and some of them installed to the point Eddie can finish them himself. They bought a furniture store’s display cabinets and they aren’t exactly what a cabinet company would build, but they were able to save a lot of money. The cabinets are really heavy and probably better built than normal. The Microwave cabinet and the Microwave are part of what we got installed last Saturday.

This set of lowers are the other part we did Saturday.

The rest of the lower cabinets are ready to fasten down.

Eddie isn't sure who is going to make the tops for him.

This is a little different island.
We were glad to get done today and I don’t have to go back to help him until he gets back from Riverton in a couple of weeks. He has some aluminum decking he plans on installing by his back door. He also want to put a larger back door on his home and change the swing on it from going out (per the house trailer type door) to a regular home door.

Eddie’s back is not so good and he seemed to appreciate the help I gave him. He and Barbara are friends we spent some time with in Alaska in 2013 and they don’t live too far from us in Riverton, Utah.

If the day is dry tomorrow, I have a couple of missing shingles to replace on our home. I was able to get what I need to do the job at Wally’s World, a hardware store near us.

Linda seems to be getting the run around from La Mesa RV on the part they supposedly ordered for her slide on their motor home, so we are going to go over there tomorrow instead of phoning and getting promises to call back which they never do. I told her that it is a lot harder to ignore you when you are sitting in their shop.

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