Tuesday, January 19, 2016

And Then They Were Gone…..Again

Yuma, Arizona       High 73 Low 52

The last 2 days have been nice here. We are enjoying the warmer weather.

I forgot to tell about my trip to Algodones to the dentist. I had a large cavity and one tooth with a broken piece. The total for the fillings and an x-ray of the cavity cost $100.00. I didn’t think that was too bad. That was my only reason for going. There was a short line going through customs and I got through in about 15 minutes. I was only gone for 2 hours, which I thought wasn’t too bad.

We have been very busy here in this park. Most of the snow birds are here and there is a lot more going on.

Yesterday we had our 2nd Spanish lesson and I felt kind of lost. I hope to be able to learn a little Spanish.

Sunday Linda and Cindy’s Mom came back to stay with us for 2 nights while the motor home finally got the slide working. Linda’s appointment was for yesterday and La Mesa seemed to get the slide working properly.

Last night we went to a beginner square dance lesson and stayed until Cindy’s back started bothering her. It has been almost 19 years since we last did any square dancing and I don’t remember all the calls, but most are familiar.

This morning Cindy went to her pottery class and she is excited about the things she has made so far. In a week and a half she has used 25 pounds of clay and is going to have to buy some more.

Cindy’s Mom got a puzzle for Christmas and has been trying to get it together ever since. While they were here before, I got her a piece of plastic to hold the unfinished puzzle and she worked on it while in Phoenix. She told me that it was the hardest puzzle she has ever worked on. While she was here I helped her try to put it together and when they got back there were about 150 pieces to put together. She was getting close last night and when we got back last night, I helped her until 10:00 and we finally got it together other than two pieces of boarder that were missing. She was happy to finally get it done.

Whenever we go out, Penny wants to go with us.
This morning they left for Fort Mohave where they are staying tonight and then they are driving to Pahrump, Nevada where they will spend a week. After that they are not sure where they are headed.

Cindy has an appointment to get her teeth cleaned in Algodones tomorrow and then is getting a haircut while there. We want to have some more shrimp tacos and I might try the tamale.

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  1. More fun time with visitors, puzzle making avn be very time consuming but fun.

  2. I'm still talking to Coral. Maybe some day I'll be your neighbor!!!