Monday, May 27, 2024

Happy Memorial Day

 Riverton, Utah       High 78 Low 47

I hope everyone had a good Memorial Day. We  had excellent weather both yesterday and today. While we were out. we saw lots of campers coming home.

I have lots of quilt pictures today. The first ones are from the Quilt Show.

This picture is of our Wisteria, which never has bloomed like this since we have lived here (22 years).

I quilted two quilts for Cindy. The first one Nancy should recognize, since she gave three of these panels to Cindy.

The next picture Cindy wanted me to show what happens to Red material sometimes. It was a name brand and shouldn't have bleed like this.

She always tests her reds, but this was one of the worst. She had to wash it about 5 times to get it stopped.

The next quilt is one she has made before. The pattern is called Oh My Gosh. There are approximately 10,700 individual pieces in the quilt which is king size.

And finally here's a picture I borrowed from Nick Russel's blog . (Isn't it the truth!)

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  1. Some of those quilts are very Eye Catching. I can only imagine how long it took Cindy to create that large Quilt. It's beautiful.
    That Wisteria reminds me of one of Kathy's plants after being dormant for years.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  2. Oh My Gosh does not do it justice ... maybe EGAD!!!!! Weird about that red fabric. That is going to mess up a lot of quilts for people that don't wash it first!!!