Tuesday, June 4, 2024


 Riverton, Utah        High 75 Low 56

I decided that since we no longer own the fifth wheel. I would put a picture of Mount Denali in it's place. This picture is from when we went to Alaska in 2013.

The weather today was great. According to the weather guessers, it is supposed to be about 20 degrees warmer than usual later this week. 

Cindy's rose bush has put out a lot of roses, it is bigger with more blossoms than we have ever had. Probably because of the cool May. 

Cindy's garden is finally coming up. She thought some of her seeds weren't going to grow, so she replanted and now the original seeds have sprouted along with the ones she replanted. It looks like she will have a large garden.

We planted a few strawberries last year and they have spread all over. I picked a few today and there are a lot more berries coming.

In between everything else, I managed to finish another quilt.

This started out as an oriental panel, which she divided and put small strips between the cuts. I used an oriental (pagoda) pattern which doesn't show too well on the front. but shows up very well on the back.

There is still lot's to keep us busy.

Thanks for visiting.