Thursday, October 20, 2022

Customer Quilts

 Riverton, Utah      High 74 Low 41

It is still a little warmer than usual but the weather guessers are predicting rain and colder temperatures this weekend with a chance of the dreaded white stuff in about a week.

I had two quilts to do for two different customers. The first one is for one of my customers that I have done a lot of quilts for. I liked this pattern, it is called hanging gardens.

She always has me do edge to edge, but I know if it were for Cindy, it would be done more custom.

The next one was for the lady that had me do the last three that I wasn't too impressed with her patterns, but this one turned out to be a lot nicer, and a lot larger.

In between quilting, I finally got the weather stripping on the two garage doors on our home.

I only thought I was caught up with Cindy. She finished another quilt and is almost finished with another. I will have them finished on my next post.

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  1. The first one ... I have that pattern and USED to have the material, but I think it got used in something else. Maybe I'll dig it out and try again. That second one looks like a stash buster. Great quilting. Can you come and do my house weather stripping? Yup .. just another thing added to my list! LOL