Sunday, August 12, 2018

Wedding Reception, Quilts, And Penny Needs a Haircut

Riverton, Utah       High 95 Low 65

The weather today was just a little cooler and a lot of the smoke seems to be gone but it is still a little hazy.

Yesterday we went to my oldest grandsons wedding reception.  Noah and Emma were married in Philadelphia and had a reception last week there for the relatives in that part of the country. The second was held not far from us at a fancy house that rents out their property for weddings and receptions. All of the Utah relatives got to meet the bride and her parents along with Noah’s brothers and sisters. I haven’t seen some of my grand kids for a while. My daughter Andrea’s Mother-in-law did the meal for all the people. She makes the best cookies ever. We couldn’t tell them from the ones we would buy at any bakery except they were better.

Us one the way in.

The water mill was turning and there is a pond with waterlilies and coy below it.

The happy couple.
They exchanged rings for the benefit of the audience.

I have still been quilting and Cindy took some pictures of some of them. The green baby quilt is one she is still working on the binding.

This is the back on the one above. Cindy made extra blocks, so we incorporated them into the back.

The applique took some time to go around and not quilt over.

 I am now working on a fancy Christmas quilt that will take a while to finish. I promise to put pictures on the blog when it is finished.

Another one of my to does is to get Penny a haircut. She is getting very shaggy.

I got the fifth wheel winterized but still need to get the truck lubed and oil changed along with filling it up with diesel. I guess a little at a time.

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  1. WOW!! Those quilts! That one with the appliqué is fabulous and your quilting is beautiful. I've never tried anything quite so difficult!! Penny is so darn cute, even if she is shaggy!!

  2. You guys are looking good. Seems strange to read about winterizing the fifth wheel in the middle of August.

    1. well.....when we became winter Arizonians it became necessary.