Sunday, August 26, 2018

Skyler’s Birthday and Penny got a Hair Cut

Skyler’s Birthday and Penny got a Hair Cut
Riverton, Utah           High 87 Low 59

The smoke cleared out for one day and then was back as bad as ever.  It sure is getting tiresome. It has cooled off a little bit.

Yesterday was Skyler’s thirteenth birthday. He is now officially a dreaded teenager. He went into eighth grade this year. They sure grow up fast. We went out to a buffet to celebrate his birthday last evening.

Penny got a haircut yesterday and now looks a lot cuter. She is ready to go to Yuma where she will be very warm for a while. We found a new groomer that we like and think she did a very good job on her hair cut.

We plan on leaving about a week after Labor Day (two weeks). It will be very warm for us as well, but we are ready to leave.

I still have some quilts to do but they will have to wait for spring.

Cindy’s Mom seems to be doing better. When we went to see her she was moving around and talked to us for a while. Her birthday is right after Christmas and she will be 90. We hope to get back for a few days for her birthday party.

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  1. Well Happy Birthday Skyler!! Penny looks cute as ever!! It's hard to find good groomers. It's not been too bad here ... in the mid 90's. I think autumn is on it's way in. Down to 65 at night.