Sunday, August 19, 2018

Better Air Yesterday and More Quilts

Riverton, Utah       High 89 Low 61

It has been a little cooler and yesterday the air was a lot clearer. Today is another story, as it is very smoky again. We can’t see the mountains to the east at all today.

We were out early yesterday and the sun was peaking over the Wasatch Mountains and looked very red. Unfortunately, when I took a picture of it, it looked more like the moon than the red sun it was.

After we took this picture and the sun got higher in the sky it turned into a nice clear day.

I have been working on some more quilts. The Christmas quilt is one Cindy said we bought the kit for about two years ago. She has had it finished waiting for me to quilt for a while. It took a little longer than usual to quilt, but I finally finished it.

The other quilt is one that we bought the pattern for while we were in Shipshewana last year. The sun burst took a while to set up and quilt, but I think it turned out nice.

We have decided to leave here for Yuma as soon after Labor Day as possible. If something happens with Cindy’s Mom we will only be one driving day away. We could take a plane, but with having to get to the airport early and the long layover in Phoenix, it only saves about 3 hours to fly.

We went to see Cindy’s Mom last week and she seems to be doing a lot better. At least she was able to move around a bit and was a lot more alert than she was. She is now working on one of her puzzles. It seemed to be a fairly hard one with lots of different shades of blue.

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  1. Your quilting is fabulous!! LOVE that Christmas quilt!! I always thought they were too complicated for me, but am finding out they aren't so bad after all. Smoke isn't fun, but it makes for some beautiful pictures!!