Sunday, August 5, 2018


Riverton, Utah          High 87 Low 60

The weather today was a lot nicer but still warmer than the Oregon Coast.

Today Cindy took some pictures of some of the quilts I have been working on. She told me she is trying to get rid of her scraps which I don’t think is possible. Anything 1 1/2 inch square or larger she keeps. Some of the ladies in Yuma also gave her their scraps.

Yesterday we went to an estate put on by a man that always treats us well. There was a curio cabinet with a $300 sticker on it and when he saw Cindy looking at it he whispered to her that if she wanted it, she could have it for $200 dollars. She thought about it for a little while (maybe 2 minutes) and then told him she wanted it. She plans on filling it with finished quilts and got a start after we got it home.

I looked at one of the local furniture stores to see how much they wanted, and anything even close to the cabinet we bought was over $1000. Cindy is sure we got a good deal.

She also got a picture of me under the fifth wheel taking the level up cylinder off. I’ve got it ready to put back, but so far haven’t taken the time to do so.

Busy, busy, busy.

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  1. That cabinet is AMAZING!!! What a great idea ... I never thought about storing quilts in a cabinet!! And those tiny squares!! Good grief girl!! Your quilting is beautiful too. Those are definitely gorgeous!!