Monday, April 25, 2016

Still Here

Riverton, Utah             High 57 Low 39

It has been rainy the last few days and is supposed to rain until Saturday. We got back just in time for the cold wintery weather.

On one of my post I took pictures of the new block fence in Yuma. Carla, our neighbor, that stay in Yuma year round called and told us that the ornamental iron guy had come out and installed the iron work and gates. She also sent pictures of the work, and we are happy with the new look. We wanted a front patio that gave us a feeling that we weren’t sitting on the street in front of our home and the front has the afternoon shade. We are both pleased with the end result. Also we got gates so that Penny can’t get out.

I have been working on getting quilts quilted and finished two more. Now I’m probably only 28 or so behind.

Last Friday we went to what is probably the best estate sale we have ever been to. There were boxes of cleaning products and canned food with signs that said free. Cindy was going to sort the cans and I told her why bother. Let’s just load all of it and sort it at home. The only thing we didn’t want was one can of beets, which neither of us care for. There was a nice area rug that will go well with the one we got at Ashley Furniture in Yuma, that is now in our living room there. This one will go under our kitchen table.

Cindy also got some jewelry for a really good price. We also bought a Greg Olson framed print. The prices were really good, with a lot of the stuff going for $1.00. The picture was $20.00. The 5 foot by 7 foot rug was $15.00.

Tomorrow I have my dentist appointment and Cindy is already wanting to go somewhere in the fifth wheel, but we still have some things to do. The kids are getting to her and I told her it only took 2 weeks.

The Salt Lake Quilt show is coming up in 2 weeks and we have to go to it. You can never have too much quilting stuff. LOL

Today we went to Orem to see Cindy’s Mom and she seems to be getting along OK. She went home last Wednesday.

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  1. Your new patio looks really nice, I am sure you will love it !

  2. $20 for a Greg Olson is a fantastic price. I had to laugh at the two weeks with the kuds. I'm done in about a week.