Thursday, June 27, 2013

Soldotna, Alaska Day 56, June 27, 2013

This morning we went to The Moose Is Loose Bakery. Their sign says the best apple fritters in the universe. I don’t know about that because I haven’t tried them all, but they were very good. Cindy thought some of the cookies were kind of neat being made in the shapes and colors of different fish. They also had a cinnamon bun they called road kill. It was flat, but we didn't choose to try it. They did have samples of some of their buns and doughnuts and being the junk food junkie that I am, I thought they all were tasty. If you are ever in Soldotna, make sure not to miss this place.

These are really thin.

Cindy took a picture off the menu at Sal’s yesterday and thought it was funny, so I included it today.

We spent part of the morning at McDonald's using their wi-fi. Cindy ended up buying some embroidery patterns.

 After McDonald’s, we went back to the quilt store in town to take pictures of the shop and of the quilt we are going to buy the kit for, and a picture of the quilt she bought the kit for yesterday.

This is the one we ordered the kit for.


Cindy is working on a quilt like this as a memento of our trip. She is making changes to some of the blocks. It might end up larger than this display.

After lunch we headed toward Kenai but it took a long time to go the 10 miles. Every mile or so there was a sign for a yard sale. Yes they have them on Thursday. We didn't buy much, but had fun looking. I
guess I was trying to make up for all the yard sales I have missed.

We finally got to Kenai and stopped at the Visitor Center. One of the ladies there was a fisherman, and told me about a river about 20 minutes away from Soldotna that is supposed to have salmon running in it. I am going to try it out tomorrow while Cindy stays and works on her quilts.


There is a quilt shop in Kenai, an of course we had to go see it, and Cindy bought this pattern for the Alaska quilt she has been working on.

More tomorrow, thanks for visiting.


  1. Wow - I called those flat ones crispies and they were so good. Haven't seen them for years. Now I want to go find some.

  2. My childhood bakery called them elephant ears