Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Soldotna, Alaska Day 55, June 26, 2013

Last night I went fishing again. I stayed for about 3 hours and had several hits, Lots of snags, and managed to catch one salmon. There weren't near as many people and it didn't seem like they were catching as many fish. I think the run is about over.

This morning I went to try one more time. I got there early and had nothing for a long time, and no one else seemed to be catching any fish either. I finally hooked one and it turned out to be a really nice fish. I don’t remember if I told about where I've been fishing, but it is where the Russian River goes into the Kenai River. It is necessary to take The Russian River Ferry to the other side of the river. It seems that the fish want to all go up the far bank on their way to spawn.

It has been kind of fun, but I feel bad leaving Cindy alone so much, but she says she likes me getting salmon and it’s alright.
This sign greeted us when we got to Soldotna.

The fishing seems to be getting so much slower, that we decided to go to Soldotna and go into a campground. We didn't take any pictures of the drive to here, but some of the way the terrain looked a lot like the tundra we saw one the way to the Arctic Circle.  Here we are able to get TV and having water and sewer is nice to have. The Campground is the Edgewater RV Resort. It’s nothing special as far as campgrounds go, but is adequate. We plan on spending a little time here and do some sightseeing.

After I got here, I went to talk to a man at the fishing tackle store about where or when the best time or place was to go fishing. He said the only place he had heard about was the Russian River. I told him that the fishing there seemed to be getting scarce. He then told me that in about 2 or 3 days it probably would be over until the next run came in, and everyone expects that to happen on about July 10th.
He also told me that the first run has about 60,000 fish, while the next run will have 21 or 22 million fish. He said the run would last a lot longer and the fishing in Soldotna will be a lot better than I have seen so far.

We were both hungry by then, and Cindy found a 2 for 1 coupon for a hamburger with all the fries you could eat. It was a place called Sals Klondike Diner. The fries were very good and lots of them. The hamburger was on homemade sourdough bread. It was good and more than we could eat, so we probably have another meal. It is a little blue Kenai coupon book that we got at the Visitor Center.

After lunch, we found the local quilt store. The lady was very nice and her prices were more than reasonable. She had a quilt on the wall that Cindy liked well enough to order a kit. They were out of it, but she promised to have it ready before we left Soldotna. We might have to pick it up on our way back from Homer, but it all is good. Cindy forgot to take a picture of the quilt kit we ordered, but I have included some she did take in the shop.

Cindy a few days ago got some picture of swallow nests on the ticket building at the Russian River ferry, and asked why they were there. The response was that they liked the swallows because they ate mosquitoes. I have included the picture.

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  1. As long as you bring home the salmon, I'm sure Cindy is staying busy with her quilting. I'd have a whole lot more of those swallow boxes if it were me. Anything to get rid of the mosquitoes.

  2. I am realy enjoying your blog, next summer we are planning another trip there You refer to the coupon book you are using, tell me where I can get one. I loved your interview with Kevin & Ruth.