Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Quilts And Quilt Shows

 Yuma, Arizona            High 78 Low 53

It is still nice weather.

The first of two quilts Were made with the same pattern. The first one we made with a kit and then The second  with scrappy material using a different panel. They sure look different.

The next one is one we used some scrappy pieces that came from somewhere.

Then we had two different quilts shows at two of the close by Parks. They were a day apart. Neither are what we would call large shows, but they did have some very nice quilts.

These two show how much difference the colors of material make the same pattern look.

We had never seen a quilted chair cover before.

We enjoyed both quilt shows.

Thanks for visiting.


  1. LOVE that first one!! I like using panels ... instant gratification. Some of those quilts are amazing, but that one hurts my eyes!!

  2. Always been amazed at the beauty of quilts.
    Glad you have the patience.
    Be Safe and Enjoy the warmth.

    It's about time.