Friday, March 17, 2023

Pirate Days

 Yuma, Arizona        High 78 Low 52

We have had really nice weather here lately. It has been more like what we expected Yuma weather to be.

We had Pirate Days here in the Park. There were two different teams, which had goodies for everyone and had different games on two nights. Each team thought up different contests on their night. The third afternoon boat races were held. Bottle boats were raced the length of the swimming pool using fishing poles to pull them. There was a lot of participation.

These are samples of the different food offered. The next one, fish and chips, was gold fish crackers and potato chips. 

This dog even had a pirate costume.

The next picture is Tom. He is the one that thinks up all the different activities in the park.

A good time was had by everyone.

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  1. Oh my gosh .... where do they get all those fabulous costumes!!! This looks like a lot of fun to me!!! Love the fish and chips!!